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Bringing the "H" back into HR with a little help from AI
While helping local communities across the UK

Use Engagerfy AI to evaluate your organisation's Employee Engagement and HR stratigies, receive suggestions and apply the actionable insights or use Engagerfy Consult to connect with certified experts in the field who can transform Engagerfy AI's advice into game-changing productivity results

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Harness the power of AI, work on projects that matter the most and boost brand reputation using built-in Corporate Social Responsibility projects

Engagerfy AI

Use Engagerfy AI to engage with employees daily, design and launch polls and analyse employee responses and trends. Engagerfy AI also evaluates your organisation's HR framework, offering actionable solutions to strengthen employee motivation, communication and ultimately employee engagement. Engagerfy Consult allows businesses who may not have the in-house expertise to connect to certified experts to implement Engagerfy AI's strategic advice.


Three hubs and built-in Freelance and Catering Marketplaces, everything your business needs, that's Engagerfy

Engagerfy Boss Idea/Hire Hub

Employees and employers collaborate, share ideas and implement them with this industry first feature which also allows employees to provide HR related feedback in areas such as job advertisements, skills training needs or shortages

Engagerfy Consult

 A built-in online B2B
Consulting and Freelancer
Marketplace that allows
organisations to strengthen
their Employee
Engagement delivery by
hiring certified Consultants
and Freelancers to deliver
on areas the business may
not have in-house expertise


Engagerfy Dine-in

This is a built-
in online B2B Catering
Marketplace that
organisations can use to
have Snacks, Lunch or
Afternoon Tea delivered
to the office on an ad-hoc,
daily, weekly or monthly

Points for a Cause

Engagerfy features built-in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects for clients and their employees. Employees receive points for completing CSR projects and can redeem points for discounts at selected restaurants. In return Engagerfy Ltd will donate 10% of its profits to charities across the UK


HR related feedback helps your business pivot and make timely staffing decisions

With the Hire Hub, employees have a dedicated space to share HR related feedback and suggestions...shortage of staff on the factory floor, more logistical personnel needed...the Hire Hub is where this information will be shared, allowing your business to remain agile in responding to its HR requirements

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Online Course

You can check out our Small Business online training course focused on Increasing Profit & Productivity by Lauriston Streekes Consulting (Engagerfy Ltd's External Cunsultancy Unit)

Launch and availability

Engagerfy is looking to launch in the second quarter of 2024. Stay tuned to this page for more updates on our product launch and new features.

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Engagerfy will be available in Q2 2024.


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